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Lets Talk Lighting - Human Centric Lighting

There is no doubt that environmental lighting contributes to human health. We hear more and more about human-centric lighting (HCL), which considers the visual and non-visual effects of light in support of positive human outcomes. The effect of light on people has been researched for decades, what is new is that now we have a cost-efficient and flexible light source – LEDs – that makes implementing HCL solutions easier and better.


Watch this short video on Circadian Rhythm & Stimulus for a few examples how lighting can be used for positive health benefits. It is amazing what difference can be achieved in an aged-care home with a well thought-out lighting design as an example.

Implementing a successful HCL solution is complex. It requires buy-in from all stakeholders involved in building design, construction, and operation, including occupants. It also involves extensive research to learn about the optimal use of HCL in a specific application (e.g. night shift workers at an emergency response centre or at a nurse station at a hospital).

What’s next? Contact us and explore how we can help with your next project.



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