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Company E-bikes Improve Sustainability

SEG is taking action to reduce its carbon footprint by welcoming two electric bikes into its fleet.

“We consider and incorporate innovation and sustainability into all aspects of our design work, so why not bring the same approach to how we travel in our business capacity,” said SEG Managing Director Richard Saunders.

“Whether it's commuting to or from work, visiting clients or various sites around town, these e-bikes will help us travel to a wide range of destinations in a more sustainable way, the reduction of traffic, parking constraints, and emissions are great”

Since the MeloYelo bikes arrived earlier this month, Richard said they had been widely used by SEG staff and the feedback had been positive. One such benefit was a quicker commute.

that staff were spending less time sitting in traffic.

“Several staff take the bikes home each night and ride them back to work the next day. It’s good from an exercise perspective but using the e-bikes has also meant they’re not stuck in traffic, which is pretty bad at the moment.”

MeloYelo Town and Trail bike (Photo supplied).

Richard said he was motivated to add the bikes into the company’s fleet of vehicles as a way to practice sustainability and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Earlier this year SEG added a hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander to its vehicle fleet.

“Sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do – and it’s important to practice what we preach,” he said.

“We are trying to do our bit for the planet and preserve resources for the future.”



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