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Revit 2017 with Insight 360

Optimize building performance with centralized access to performance data and advanced analysis engines with the Insight 360 central interface with robust bi-directional integration with Revit 2017.

Insight 360 integrates existing workflows such as Revit Energy Analysis and Lighting Analysis for Revit, which now includes expanded customization options.

Visualize solar radiation on mass or building element surfaces with new solar analysis workflows in addition to understanding PV energy production. Insight 360 also harnesses the power of EnergyPlus to deliver dynamic thermal heating and cooling loads in Revit 2017.

Instantly reveal a range of potential design outcomes through the Energy Cost Range factors and quickly identify key energy performance drivers. With millions of potential design scenarios at your fingertips, visualizing the impact of orientation, envelope, WWR, lighting equipment, schedules, HVAC, and even PV has never been easier.

Save and compare your design scenarios to track performance spanning the building lifecycle in a consistent and cohesive manner. Share your insights with project stakeholders and measure performance against Architecture 2030 and ASHRAE 90.1 benchmarks.

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