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Optimistic outlook for the Bay’s economy in 2020

The Bay of Plenty economy is expected to remain strong for the coming year with solid underlying growth and good prospects for 2020, say local business leaders. as reported by the BOP business news.

Continued solid performance from the Port of Tauranga and is underpinning confidence across the local businesses.

Nigel Tutt of Priotity One noted in comments when releasing Priority One’s annual figures at it’s recent AGM, in which 2019 saw the Western BOP economy still in good shape after several years of growth.

“To continue regional growth we must confront challenges that we have in the form of infrastructure, where we desperately need investment in key assets, and the provision of talent, where our job creation is outstripping our supply of people,” he said.

“These two challenges are complicated to solve, and will require a team effort from businesses, local and central government alike.”

This is good news for SEG and our clients as we look to shape the future in a better way.

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