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Building For Climate Change - Work Programme

The construction industry is acutely aware of the government's net zero 2050 aspirations. Achieving this goal poses significant challenges, requiring detailed strategies to navigate the path forward while overcoming sector-specific obstacles.

Below is a link to the MBIE-released work programme outlining areas of work to achieve this.

After reviewing this brief document we were left pondering the following questions.

  1. Timeframes: It seems to be quite a major update to regulations and standards and for the industry to be educated and respond to such changes and new requirements, are the timeframes realistic here?

  2. Economic and Tax Mechanisms: How will economic impacts and tax policies integrate into the work programme?

  3. Technological Innovation: There are many facets and areas of technology advancement. What, if any, specific technologies are prioritised?

  4. Public Engagement and Education: What strategies will be used to educate and involve the public?

  5. International approach: It's a fact that NZ is a small fish in the global construction market and that a majority of our products and materials are imported. What considerations have been made to international progress on this? What can we learn from other countries?

At SEG we look forward to the challenges and doing our part in navigating the path toward achieving net zero in the construction industry.



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