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Building Thermal Envelope Report and NZBC H1 Compliance

SEG is dedicated to helping our clients achieve superior energy efficiency and comfort in their buildings through our comprehensive Building Thermal Envelope Report, fully aligned with New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) H1 requirements.

Why Choose SEG?

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Our reports provide in-depth evaluations of your building’s thermal envelope, identifying areas for improvement to optimize energy performance.

  • NZBC H1 Compliance: We ensure your projects meet the latest stringent energy efficiency standards set by NZBC H1, helping you achieve regulatory compliance through the local council.

  • Buildings are for life: Our buildings support and often exceed our lifetimes, making the most informed decisions at the design stage can have a lasting impact on the building end users' energy costs and comfort.

Our Process

  • Assessment: Thorough analysis of your building’s planned or existing thermal envelope design and performance.

  • Calculation Reporting: Energy modelling software and calculation. Detailed reports outlining findings and identifying opportunities for improvements in both best practice and compliance with NZBC H1 standards.

  • Implementation: Guidan

  • ce on implementing for optimal energy efficiency.

Choose SEG for your Building Thermal Envelope Report and ensure your projects are energy-efficient, compliant, and comfortable.

For more information and a no-obligation quote, give us a call.



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