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Elevate Safety with SEG Emergency Lighting Design

In the modern construction landscape, safety and efficiency are paramount. SEG are specialist in emergency lighting design, ensuring that buildings are not only compliant but also optimized for occupant safety during power outages or emergencies.

Why Choose SEG?

  • Innovative Technology: We use modelling software for lighting solutions and lux plots, ensuring reliable performance and energy efficiency.

  • Custom Designs: Custom lighting plans that integrate with your building’s design and systems, such as integrated general and emergency light fixtures.

  • Small and large: From small offices to multilevel commercial buildings and centrally monitored systems we tackle it all.

  • Independence: We are not aligned with any wholesaler or product, which means we choose the best solutions, and the best products for the application.

Our Process

  1. Assessment and Planning: Detailed site assessments to understand specific lighting needs and challenges. Attend the site if required.

  2. Calculation and Design: Calculation to ensure the right illuminance, fixture selection, wiring design and plans for tender and consent.

  3. Service and Support: Ongoing support to ensure your emergency lighting is installed correctly and remains effective and compliant.

For more information or a no-obligation quote, give SEG a call.



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