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Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Total Costs: SEG's Comprehensive Electrical Demand Assessments

electrical transformer
A pad mount electrical transformer

Have you completed a power supply upgrade recently? Are you sure it was required?

Many of the projects we assess reveal that a power supply upgrade is often unnecessary. Upgrading a site’s electrical supply capacity beyond what is required can lead to unnecessary upfront expenses and ongoing long-term costs such as excessive line and capacity charges.

At SEG, our electrical team specializes in comprehensive electrical maximum demand assessments to ensure your infrastructure meets current and future demands without over-engineering. Our clients will tell you that our detailed and professional services help identify potential issues before they become costly problems, providing peace of mind.

Why Choose SEG?

  • Detailed Analysis: We perform in-depth site inspections and review existing electrical documentation to provide a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure.

  • Thorough Site Inspections: Our team conducts comprehensive inspections of your electrical systems, ensuring no detail is overlooked. We have staff registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board who can inspect electrical works other consultants can't. 

  • Customized Recommendations: Our reports offer tailored and actionable solutions to address identified issues, such as power capacity upgrades, main switchboard replacements, and optimized load distribution.

What to Expect from Our Assessments:

  • Accurate Load Estimates: We use state-of-the-art tools, including data logging, to capture the maximum electrical demand of your facility and analyze the raw data from energy retailers' meters to provide precise insights into your actual energy usage patterns, ensuring that your facility operates within safe and efficient parameters.

  • Precise Calculations: Using advanced calculations and state-of-the-art software, we calculate your potential maximum electrical load, helping you plan for both current needs and future expansions.

  • Clear, Actionable Reports: Our assessments culminate in detailed reports that include visual aids and clear recommendations with solutions to enhance your electrical infrastructure.

Benefits of SEG’s Assessments:

  • Prevent Overloads: Avoid unexpected power outages and potential fires by ensuring your electrical infrastructure can handle increased loads.

  • Cost-Effective Upgrades: Our recommendations are designed to provide long-term savings by not over-engineering and ensuring power supply capacity is utilized efficiently.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Costs: Avoid costly transformer and power supply upgrades where not actually required. Transformer upgrades can typically exceed $100,000. Our precise load estimates and recommendations help you make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

  • Alternative options - Alternative options for consideration instead of upgrading, such as building load management or alternative energy sources.

  • Industry Relationships - SEG works with the network utility operators across New Zealand in a collaborative approach with the 'best for client' approach.

  • Future-Proofing: We help you plan for future expansions and technological upgrades, such as EV charging and Solar PV. Ensuring your infrastructure remains robust and adaptable.

Contact Us:

Ready to understand the state of your electrical infrastructure? Contact SEG today for a comprehensive site investigation and maximum demand assessment. Email us at or call (07) 808 5432. Visit our website for more information.

Report Excerpts:

conclusion to maximum demand estimate

half hour electrical demand anlysis

Powercad analysis of breakers and fuses

half hour maximum demand analysis graph



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