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New Package Unit at Cameron Road Pak‘nSave 

SEG Ltd was recently engaged by Foodstuffs North Island (FSNI) to design the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for the services upgrades and refurbishment of the Cameron Road Pak‘nSave Store. 

Working together with PCI Projects and Wingate Architects we worked through a design solution to provide replacement of the well-used AC1 and AC2 units with the same capacity but with the added functionality of active dehumidification to reduce condensation on cabinets. 


Temperzone first offered the OPA1410 unit, which included the dehumidification function. However, this unit was 50% larger than the existing units in terms of airflow, physical size, and power supply, necessitating an extension of the plant platform and resulting in an oversized solution for the store ducting. 

To address this, SEG worked through the design solution of increasing the size of AC1 to cover both the existing AC1 and AC2 capacities and integrating a CO2 waste heating coil to the units. This addition reuses the heat which is discharged from the store's refrigeration systems and enhances ongoing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Designed 3D Revit model of the plant area and package unit.

The SEG team, along with representatives from McAlpine Hussman and Temperzone, successfully commissioned the AC-01 unit at the Cameron Road Pak‘nSave Store. This commissioning process shows SEG's commitment to not only designing but also overseeing the installation and functionality of the systems to ensure they meet the requirements.

Package unit, reheat coil and associated ducting installed.

AC-01 Specifications: 

Type: Packaged rooftop AC unit 

Manufacturer: Temperzone 

Model: OPA2110 

Capacity: 213kW 

Weight: 2700kg 


Package unit, internal componentry and compressors.


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