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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Satnam Singh, Our BIM Modeler believes in the approach that the drawings and the workflow we follow to produce our drawings are our representatives to the Clients. His software skills including MEP modeling/drafting in Revit, Carrying out coordination exercise to achieve clash free models, clash detection in Navisworks, Developing mark-ups for REVIT Modelers using Navisworks and Bimcollab with agreed level of detailing to

be included in the model etc. helps our company to deliver the best quality documentation. Here are some screen captures of his workflows in Revit.

Revit computes pressure losses in ductwork based on the geometry and roughness of the ductwork, air density, and air dynamic viscosity.

A component can be connected in a circuit if it is compatible with the other components in the circuit and if it has an available connector. You can create circuits and detail distribution board schedules and extract load information by using Revit.



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